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Surgical Risk Assessment

Dr. Iyengar has a unique focus on avoiding surgical complications


While there may be other goals of surgery such as pain relief or return to activities, Dr. Iyengar believes that it has to be within the context of the patient's overall health factors and lifestyle expectations. He takes the time in clinic for each patient to go through a rigorous surgery-specific and personalized risk assessment. This helps assess not only their orthopedic factors, but also their medical, anesthetic and rehab risk factors. It helps plan what facility, technique and timing is appropriate for the individual patient's case.


Patients appreciate that they understand their personal risks of complications in a meaningful way rather than through a generic consent form. Patients also take targetted actions to mitigate risks before, during and after surgery. In fact, this assessment has become so popular in Silicon Valley through word of mouth that some patients have switched their insurance to see Dr. Iyengar for the assessment!

Dr.  Jaideep  Iyengar,  MD, FAAOS 

Orthopedics, Sports & Arthritis Care

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